Some things in this world ARE scary, deserve warnings and should be avoided. 

Given that reality - it is not just foolish to decry all warnings as “scaremongering” - in the political world, its dishonest.

As this thoughtful blog post amply illustrates, we expect to be warned when there are icebergs ahead.  In fact, if you are on lookout you are obligated to shout warnings.  And for those who may not technically be on lookout - but can see further down the road, or know what is coming from round the corner, they too are obliged to speak up!

So as this whole rancorous separation debate winds itself into its frothy conclusion, lets not be stupid.  Where warnings are made, lets listen.  When the warnings have validity, lets take heed.

Separating from the Union and breaking up the UK - the warnings are loud and many.  From the Scotsman to the Sunday Post, from China to the US, from liberal to conservative, from business to trade unions - the warnings are all the same and are all real.  Separation would be a disaster.

Vote NO.


My little spaniel, Pepe, isn’t well so my sister and mum and dad have him on the couch under a baby blanket.

I am 90% sure he is faking it so that he can get on to the couch.

Awwww - 90% is not sure enough to deny him the sofa!  ;-)

CollegeHumor explains Net Neutrality



I’m Adam.

-And I’m Emily.

We make “funny videos” on the Internet.

-But soon, we might not be able to.

That’s because…


…net neutrality is in jeopardy. Net Neutrality is the principle that says ISPs can’t discriminate between different types of traffic.

That means that…


…whether you’re a bedroom music producer, a couple on an amateur porn site, or just someone with a start up idea - you get access to the same users as Netflix, Facebook or Amazon. On the Internet, anyone can succeed.




…America’s ISPs wanna set up a pay-for-play system where rich companies pay extra to get to those users first.

If this happens…


…instead of a wonderful playground if innovation that it is now, the Internet will become like cable TV where you can only get stuff that’s been pre-approved by a bunch of old rich guys.

Ten years from now…


…your Internet bill could be a bigger “fustercluck” than your cable bill.

Now, you might be thinking…


…isn’t the government supposed to protect me from fragrant doucheholery like this?



…the former chairman of the FCC (government agency that’s SUPPOSED to protect you) is now the cable industry’s head lobbyist. And another former cable industry lobbyist is now the CURRENT head of the FCC.



…we can’t trust the FCC to make the right decision on their own. That’s why WE need to protect the Internet we love. The chaotic, AWESOME, often quite weird, place where literally everyone’s voice can be heard.

In a few months…


…the FCC will approve this festering soal of proposal unless we speak up. The Internet is one of the few places where human voices speak louder than money. So while that’s still the case, let’s use those voices. Go to DEARFCC.ORG and tell them to protect Net Neutrality. Thanks for doing your part to protect the Internet.


Contact FCC at

IF DEARFCC.ORG IS DOWN, simply go to good old

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Lawyers in Lahore, Pakistan, clashed violently with police as protest grew over the arrest of the country’s top judge, an independent-minded judge who had challenged the government on several cases.

Are some of them carrying black flags in the first GIF? I wish my solicitors were like this when I got nicked haha.

I just found myself a new attorney.

The are not carrying black flags - those are what is left of their umbrellas.  Carrying an umbrella is a badge of office for solicitors in Pakistan.

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