The BIG Maze - National Building Museum rcruzniemiec aka archatlas

The last day but I made it!

The Museum, in partnership with BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, will create a never-before-seen large-scale maze for the Museum’s historic home. Soaring approximately 18 feet high and measuring 60 feet by 60 feet, the maple plywood structure will boast a series of twists and turns for visitors to weave through and explore." [via]

Its Great - the curious feeling of getting to the center and the walls come down lower - is something to experience!


Painting a Picture of the Future - in Oils

In my personal experience Greens fall into two categories, cool (slightly earnest) concerned folks that are out to live (and encourage others to live) a better life.  Caring for the world that they are born into.  I like them (and share a lot of the same concerns). 

Then there are aggressive, semi-sociopath types that are sometimes called eco-fascists.  They can’t live in normal society - because, for them, ‘normal society’ is the problem.  (Who knows, maybe they are even right?).  For me though, I find it hard to get along with the second type - much as its nigh-on impossible to get along with the more rancid sections of the separatist movement in general.

That said - good Green/bad Green - what they (usually) have in common is a clear picture of sustainability, climate risk and the value to all of us of a cleaner way of living and the need. for example. for alternative sources energy.  How inexplicable then that the Greens have crawled into and oil-soaked bed with the SNP, just to promote the break up of the UK.

The Scottish Nationalists have a single agenda.  Breaking up the UK at any cost.  They feel that painting a picture just how rich a separatist Scotland would be if it was bathed in oil receipts is their winning hand.  This nonsense is addressed elsewhere in this blog.  However financially unsustainable a future BASED on oil receipts is (and it is) the idea that the such a carbon-intense, climate risk product as oil would be the basis for the future plans of any country (save for the benighted regimes of the middle east) can be nothing short of appalling to Greens.

Greens (as George Galloway might say - the clue being in the name) are the last people on God’s Green Earth that should hitch their wagon to the SNP.  A neo-fascist tendency party whose sole mantra for the last 30 years has been oil, oil, oil.

If trust is any interest to the Scottish public - trust in the message being sold in favor of separation or on the principles of the parties backing it - then this rank hypocrisy disqualifies the Greens from deserving ANY support.

Scottish Greens - principles covered in oil.


George Galloway - Speedy Recovery…

If I live to be a hundred - I do not think I could be more inspired by a politician’s single speech than I am by this one (click for link)

Starting at time-index 44.30, in this recording of a debated in June of 2014, George Galloway spoke from the heart about the positive reasons to KEEP Britain together and the negative forces behind the campaign for wrecking it.

I have not often agreed with George Galloway - but I have always admired his convictions and his singular and unmatched ability to address a subject with passion.  A passion that often makes me which he was on my side (or I his) and - in this great cause, that is the case.

And WHAT a case.  He alights on the hypocrisy, the mendacity, the rancid philosophy and the  menace of the separatists.

He strips bare the notions that ‘social policies await separation’ - calling out the SNP’s utter failure to do anything other than machinate at destroying the country they are in office to serve.

He exposes (as he has done on Questions Time and elsewhere) the calumnies of the separatist leadership that first orchestrates then sits back quietly reveling in attacks on women, individuals and minority parties.

I would LOVE to play this aloud to the street mobs and the phony-respectable political elite of the separatists - JUST to watch them squirm, for squirm they would.  And it is for that very reason that the YeSNP so detest George Galloway.  He exposes them as neo-nazi hypocrites and that is his unpardonable sin.

Not that you will take this, George, but I thank God for your passion and your contribution to this Great Fight!  Speedy Recovery from the attack on your person. 

(George Galloway was attacked in the street August 29, 2014 - one day before this post - and suffered suspected a broken jaw and cracked rib.  Undaunted - he has indicated that he will resume his speaking engagements - despite threats of mobbing by the YeSNP).


Flip Flop House Dan Brunn Architecture 

As its name suggests, the Flip Flop House by Dan Brunn Architecture plays with a sense of duality on multiple design levels. Acting as an architectural chameleon, the dynamic house is malleable to the clients’ desire to both display their art collection and embrace the sweeping vistas of Venice beach. The house’s signature gesture—its top-floor pivoting walls— facilitates this by rotating to display or conceal artwork. Besides the artwork and beach duality, there are other contrasts at work in this 5,700-square-foot minimalist house. The play of hard and soft, matte and reflective, shadow and light permeates every space. Expansive rooms with interior and exterior vistas flow seamlessly into endless ocean views.”

oh yeah - I think I came a bit!